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You may choose one from our various payment ways at your preference.

 paypal account:

                         WIRE TRANSFER



If you're out of China Mainland

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1.It usually takes 5-7 working days to reach our bank account by wire transfer..
2.After transfer your money,Please inform us immediately,so that we can reconfirm your reservation,thanks!
3.Be aware that you shall pay for the bank service charge yourself.

If you are in China and read Chinese well,you can also choose our Chinese bank accounts,that is easer,much quicker and more convenient.

                                                              CREDITCARD   PAYMENT


1.  After discussing and meeting agreement of details of  your tours and payment with our staff  by Email, phone or in any other ways, you may follow the steps bellow  to make an instant pay:

2   You are requested to fill out a credit card payment authorization form by the bank. If so, please Click here to download the credit card payment authorization form , fill it out and fax or email us the scanned copies of the form together with the front and back side of your credit card.

4. Redearth Tour will inform you if the payment is done or not. 

1. Be aware that your payment should be the quotation amount + 3% Commission Fee charged by the bank.