With epic mountain vistas, lively Buddhist monasteries, and grasslands peppered with yaks and alpine lakes as far as the eye can see, Tibet is, without a doubt one of the most remarkable places to visit in the world. Our Shangrila tour covers most part of Kham,Amdo regions and Ü-Tsang. These areas densely populated by Tibetans and retains a far more authentic culture, We get to see many pastoral, nomadict Tibetan villages or camps, monasteries unscathed by external influences. the grasslands and meadows are carpeted with multihued wild flowers during spring and summer season. One of our guest rightfully said "every day and even by hour, the scenery is different and amazing" Red earth updates the first-hand information of this region to offer you off-beaten track travel and about giving our travelers the thrill of close encounters with unaffected cultures as well as regions of wilderness and of unblemished natural beauty.

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