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Tour code: RET20150708

22-Day Mongolia & North Central China Tour






Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Beijing


Redearth on the Way

Totally 8 days in Mongolia, and 15 days in Inner Mongolia and Central China

  •  Mongolia: Naadam Festival,Chinggis square,Parliament House,Gorkhi-Terelj National park,Mongolian performance...
  •  Inner Mongolia: Genghis Khan mausoleum,Jokhang temple...
  •  Shanxi: Yungang Grotto,Pingyao ancient town,Taiyuan city parks...          
  •  Beijing: Marco Polo Bridge,City Planning Center,Great Wall,National Theater.


This compact tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the Mongolian heritage in North China, including a visit to Mongolia. As well as experiencing the distinct culture and lifestyles of the Mongolian people today, the focus will be on Genghis Khan and his grandson, Kubilai Khan, and the legacy of the Mongolian Empire. It was Kubilai Khan who united China as the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty in 1271.


One of the highlight of the tour was all meals were not from any appointed restaurant by the local travel service, but chosen with the authetic local specialty as an experience.

Roast Beijing Duckspeciaty of Datong

                Beijing Roast Duck                                    Specialty of Datong,mainly made of wheat

Mongolian foodbanquet in the Mogolian style reataurant

             Mongolian food, famous for meat!               Waiting to be served in a Mogolian restaurant          


chinese style hotel ger in mongolia

     Chinese-style hotel in Pingyao Ancient Town               Overnight in the ger in Mongolia

Our Memory

Hanging Temple in Datongtry the rickshaw in Pingyao

              Hanging Temple in Datong                                Rickshaw in Pingyao

                     lecture in a Chinese medicine hospital

                               Lecture in a Chinese medicine hospital in Baoding

Feedback by the tour leader

We enjoyed a number of cultural performances. In Mongolia, the music, dance, contortionists, and of course the strangely endearing throat singing, was complemented by a polished representation of Genghis Khan in Erdos. A very contemporary show by Zhang Yimou in his ‘Impressions” series presented the recent history of the town of Pingyao, once a financial centre for the Qing dynasty. Based on true stories of the ‘escorts’ of money to far flung markets, we the audience moved through the set as different scenes unfolded around us. Of major impact was the ghostly scene of sons of Pingyao who did not return, wailing their laments from a wall, swaying in their sorrow in half- lit gloom. Finally in Beijing, most opted for a performance of Il Travatore at the National Theatre, while several enjoyed an acrobat show.

Food? In Mongolia of lesser variety,  but the  Mongolian barbecue was definitely a highlight to the non-vegetarians.